01 personal data


name: Petőh Sándor
age: 35
gender: m
date of year: 1981
star sign: sagittarius
location: Hungary, Nyíregyháza
occupation: webdeveloper
language: hungarian
intrests: airsoft, auto tuning, computer games


movies: Act of Valor, Takedown, Pirate of the Silicon Valley, F&F, Star Wars
music gene: Vocal Trance, R'n'B, Techno
TV series: IT Crowd, Friends, Black Adder, SG, Family Guy, South Park,
The Big Bang Theory
  "Generally, the Real Programmer plays the same way he works - with computers.
He is constantly amazed that his employer actually pays him to do what he would be
doing for fun anyway (although he is careful not to express this opinion out loud)."
-Dave N

02 skills

programming & scripting languages

html: excellent
css: excellent
php: excellent
javascript: good
perl: good


mysql: excellent

03 job

National Information Infrastructure
Development Institute


title: frontend developer
location: Hungary, Debrecen
e-mail: tronix@niif.hu
website: www.niif.hu

COMpose-IT Ltd.


title: webdeveloper
location: Hungary, Nyíregyháza
website: www.composeit.hu

04 contact

via phone

mobile: 06-30/226-4554

via internet

e-mail: info@tronixweb.hu
hangouts: sandor.petoh@gmail.com
facebook: /sandor.petoh

05 education

information technology manager
computer science teacher

informatikus (network administrator) - OKJ 54 4641 03
marketing- és reklámügyintézõ - OKJ 52 3435 04

06 awards

award: website of the year 2013
category: media
project: www.sunshinefm.hu
job: webdeveloper at COMpose-IT Ltd.


curriculum vitae


diploma work

Collage of Nyíregyháza
computer science (hungarian)
information technology (hungarian)

08 portfolio

favourite projects

www.keletsoft.hu shop.dension.com
www.revisionsoft.hu www.nyiregyhaza.hu
www.almamag.hu www.carelli.hu

..and more

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